Need advice on a power supply

Ok guys. I tried building a system myself and So I went and bought a system, not the greatest, but it will do. I have a HP Desktop elite with Phenom X4 9850 2.5ghz quad and a crappy 350w psu. Anyone have the same system and can recommend a better/upgrade psu?

I don't think the graphics card is fantastic, only a Nvidia 9600 gs, but i plan on updating that too.

And I'm diffently going to buy the Phenom II, gotta get me the 3.00 ghz :sol:
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  1. Newegg has several corsair power supplies on sale. I would get on their mailing list for discount promo codes. 500w will be ok for most single video cards.
  2. +1 for what o1die said.

    Corsair offers high quality psu's that consistently earn high marks in technical reviews and comparisons.
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