WD or Seagate ( 500GB ) external

hi guys .. looking to get a new HDD, can't choose between a WD or Seagate, i have guys with WD and have no issue, but others recommend Seagate all the way .. help???

I have heard the seagate, Plug and use is only available for Windows

Thanks in advance ....
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  1. I'd say it makes little difference. As long as they both are single-platter 500GB disks.
  2. they both are good, i suggest anythng which is external powered and not usb powered for maximum performance.

    i have had usb powered seagate to stop responding and loss of files through transfers in case of laptops. high volume such as 500GB, i wont have it usb powered.
  3. 3.5" disks can't be USB powered. USB delivers 5W while 3.5" disks need 30W to spinup. Only 2.5" external disks can be USB powered.
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