Please Reply.. need to make decision ASAP Trouble with HD 4850..


I just finished building a new system with the following specs:

Asus p5q deluxe mobo
4gb OCZ Reaper ddr2 1066
Intel Core 2 Quad q9400
Samsung F1 750gb hd
Antec Neopower 650w psu
Sapphire HD 4850 graphics <-------- seems to be current problem

all soon to be gloriously displayed on my Samsung 22in 2232bw+ (2ms) monitor.... except that I get NO VIDEO from the DVI port of my HD 4850

So I am borrowing a friend's uber nvidia 6600 to format my hd and install an OS until I get this video card problem resolved. Since my mobo is crossfire ready, it seems appropriate to go with an ATI compatible gpu with the option, later, of maybe stacking 2.

I noticed that the hd4870 is dropping in price from - hovering about $10 to $15 more than what I spent for my HD 4850. Should I upgrade to this faster card with hopes that I will see a video signal or should I follow through with a replacement of my current hd 4850 in hopes that my next one will actually generate a signal.

OR.. if you know why I'm not getting a signal with the hd 4850.. maybe you could tell me. Yes, it is/was connected properly with the extra power cord attached.

While I still have the video card in posession I will try to install drivers (while using the uber 6600) and re-attach the video card and see what happens.

In the meantime... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. So, when you turn the computer on with the 4850 in, all the fans turn on and everything seems normal, but no video, correct? My mobo beeps once it has finished POST, does yours do that? Also to confirm, you've tried both ports, correct? Have you tried also the DVI to VGA converters to send the signal by analog (some monitors have issues with the 4850).

    My first 4850 had a short in it, but that caused the whole computer to shut down (fortunately).

    Does the fan on the 4850 spin? Does the red LED on the card light up?

    It could be you have a fine card with a defective BIOS (or a defective card). If all that up there doesn't work and the 6600 does, I'd try RMAing first. Often if you return for refund they charge a restocking fee.
  2. Good Advice Above

    But I hate to say this... You did plug in the 6pin +12 volt cables right?

    I'm pretty sure the older generation cards can get enough power from the motherboard alone so you might not have plugged the actual powercables for the 4000 series in

    You might want to try different PCI-E slots as well... sometimes certain slots don't work for certain cards

    This is a known issue on some of the DFI DK boards as they don't like the 4000 series until after a nice bios update so it might be something similar although I doubt it as i'm running a 4870 on a p5q right now

    A bios update of the board might help

    Just trying to suggest things EXT64 didn't
  3. Problem Solved! Once I got the hard drive formatted and OS installed using a lower end video card, I installed the drivers that go with the HD 4850... attached hd 4850 and got a video signal.

    I guess some new cards are not as retro compatible to a more advanced cpu in its embryonic stages.

    So.. if anyone else encounters problems with their HD 4850 on a new system build.. throw in an old video card.. download drivers for the better card and than swap them out (with power off of course)
  4. Good to know its sorted, cant help wondering if it was just a case of your MOBO Bios not recognising the card fro what it was ?

  5. Very weird. Glad you got it sorted out though.
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