New Build, a random new Drive Apeared

I just finished a build with an SSD as a boot drive (C drive), one DVD writer (D drive) and a WD Caviar lack 1 TB as a data drive (E drive). However, yesterday when I go to windows explorer, in addition to my drives I now see a "Local Disk (Q:)" listed below the other drives. I can't click on it and in properties everything is zero. What is this, how did this appear and how do i get rid of it? Thanks
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  1. Contropl panel/administrative tools/computer management/disk management and check out what's with it.
  2. In that screen. In the upper part of the screen I see the C drive (healthy), E drive (healthy) and something called "System Reserved" Healthy (System, Active, Primary partition) - 100mb. In the bottom part, there are no "Q" drives of any sort. That is why I am wondering, I have no idea where this drive came from or what it is.
  3. But does anyone know of a possible reason why it appeared and if it is system essential?
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