New CPU , terrible performance !

Hi Folks !
I've gotten myself in a bit of a mess here. My system is Abit AN52V mb , 4gigs 800 dual channel ram, GF 280 video and was AMD 64 X2 6400(3.2 G) .
I updated my bios to the latest version 13 and I am supposed to have support for AM2+ cpu's.
I just installed a new AMD 965 BE 125w processor and all 4 cores show up in task manager and cpuz ,
but it only shows 3.1 G for the processor and the performance is terrible compared to my old dual core.
I have an OEM version of Windows 7 64 and had to re-activate it over the phone when I installed the quad.
Can anyone give me some hints on what to do or what bios settings I need to look for. I tried cool and quiet
both on an off but no help. I only want to run this cpu at stock and not overclock , but as it is now it must
be way underclocked , my 3d mark 06 dropped from 11984 to 4312 when I installed the new cpu. The new
processor shows up as unknown processor too.

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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    If THIS is your mobo, sorry, but I don't know were you read that support the Phenom II X4 965. If you can provide the link of that will be very helpful
  2. Thank you for responding , and yes that is the board. I read on several forums and advertisements that
    the Phenon 965 BE was backward compatible with AM2+ MB's so I assumed since my board was AM2 +
    it would work. The 4 cores are showing in task manager but the computer runs about half as good as it
    did with the AMD 2x 6400 :(
    I was hoping to do some manual settings in bios to get it working at full speed , because money is tight
    and if I have to buy a new MB I'll also have to buy another Windows 7 Home premium because mine is
    the OEM version and also my system is dual boot with windows xp and that probably won't activate
    either with a motherboard change :pt1cable:

  3. Sorry for you, but you ALWAYS MUST refer to the mobo's web site manufacturer to know if the processor is supported by the mobo or not.

    Yeah, it's true that you can install an AM3 processor in a socket AM2/AM2+, BUT one thing is install the processor and other is that that processor works fine in the mobo.

    You maybe can see the 4 cores, and your computer can boot, the if the mobo don't recognize the processor you can't get the full clock of this and all the performance that this processor can deliver.
  4. Thank you for the info , I guess I'll just go back to the dual core for now and later maybe pick up
    a new MB and OS.
    I appreciate this forum , intelligent people giving straight answers without insulting.

    Thanks again !

  5. Unfortunatly your board does not support the Phenom II 965. If you can return it and get a Phenom II x4 940 that should run in that board.
  6. I'll give them a call and see what they say , if not I'll just have to save up for
    another MB and ram and OS and go from there , if it will work then that'll be
    great :)

    Many Thanks
  7. Looks like it only supports the original Phenom. It probably doesn't have the correct BIOS code to properly operate Phenom IIs. Anyway, you can try to manually set the the CPU multiplier, Memory Multiplier, and Hyper Transport Multiplier. See if that helps you any
  8. ^I think that the 940 isn't supported too, even, according to the web site, that mobo only support until the 9850.
  9. Yeah , I guess the MB is like me ....just too dang old :heink:
    I'll hang on to the new processor and when I hit the lottery I'll
    pick up a new MB with AM3 ram and Windows 7
    Now days if you try to save up and buy your components a piece at a time , by
    the time you buy the last piece it's no longer compatible with the first one you
    bought :na:
    oh well , it's still fun !

    Thanks Again guys , I'm sure I'll be here in the future bawlin' my eyes out with
    another problem :kaola:

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    Any time, that's why we are here.
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