DVD Drive is not opening

Hello to every one,

I m using Samsung dvd drive ,but some times it is open or some times not,even its light is not showing..

At the movment i m googling is there any Registery key problem or not...
its Cable are properly attahched (as it was opening around few days ago)but not now..

secondly i m not getting the filter (upper and lower in 4D36E965-E325 key .

my email address is emirza_pk@hotmail.com
It would be good enough if some one participate for this problem
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  1. If you just purchased it, call and get an RMA number and exchange it. Sounds defective to me.
  2. no few days agao it was opening ,but now now
  3. I've replaced numerous CD/DVD drives. Most are made pretty cheaply. There is a very small hole in the front of the drive and if you unbend a paperclip, you can push it into the hole and hit the mechanism to open the drive to retrieve a disk stuck inside. But as far as it not opening anymore....sounds like it needs replacing.
  4. Mybe the mechanic part of the drive went kaput. Or somehow the drive plate is stuck because of a loose part inside. If you find out what the problem is you may be able to fix it. Although, i think you should consider buying a new drive.
  5. Check and see if the little rubber belt is missing on the door mechanism. Should be towards the front when the drive is open. We have kids at school that take them off all the time.
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