Help. Installed a cpu backplate, now computer doesn't work.


Today I installed a xigmatek backplate on my computer. Before I was using the pushpins, but one of the sides didn't fit very well, so I got the backplate to install.

I took the mobo off and installed it just fine, but then when I put everything back, the computer turned on, but there was nothing on the screen. So I turned everything off and rechecked all the wiring. All looked fine, so I turned it on again, except this time nothing turns on anymore.

The psu just blinks (led inside) and cpu fan shifts a bit and everything turns off. Mobo led light stays on.

I tested the psu by connecting the green and black wires and it turned on fine. I also tried using the stock cpu cooler, but that didn't do anything.

Anyone know whats wrong? Everything was working fine before, computer less than 1 year old.

Asus p5q pro mobo
Antec 650W led psu
Q9550 CPU - not overclocked
4gb of gskill ram
Asus 4850 gfx
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  1. When you tried using the stock CPU cooler, did you remove the Xigmatek backplate? Any possibility that it was shorting out to the motherboard?
  2. I removed the backplate already. I wouldn't have been able to use the push pins if the backplate was in the way.
  3. Carefully check the area where the back plate was installed to see if it could possibly have shorted to the motherboard. If it did, it might have fried the motherboard.
  4. It certainly won't hurt to clear the CMOS. Another possibility is that with all your MB removal and reinstallation you shorted something out or didn't quite properly install a connector somewhere. If all else fails, take apart the system and rebuild it.
  5. Did you make sure to discharge any static before touching motherboard?
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