Help! blue screen, ide harddrive won't spin

Hi, I just built my first system. it boots up, can get to bios. but when I try to install install windows, it shows blue screen saying "shut down system to prevent damage ....hardware broken" or something like that. then I took out the master harddrive with system from my current PC, and plug it in, it shows bluescreen too, and keep rebooting. What's wrong with it? Please help.
motherboard: EP45-UD3P
IDE harddrive.
memory: TWIN2X4096-8500C5D

Thank you so much!!
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  1. More data please.

    Are you installing "windows" on a newly formatted HD?

    XP or vista?
    32 bit or 64?
    Service pack?

    Power supply?

    CPU cooler? thermal paste? stock?
  2. I was trying to install windows XP 32bits. power supply is 700w, and using stock cpu fan and thermal paste. the harddrive shows up in bios, but when I try to install windows, it seems like the harddrive is not spinning. is here anything i need to set in bios for IDE harddrive
  3. 1. Make sure you have the jumpers set up right.

    2. Your current system HDD would not work any ways. This is due to drivers/software conflicts. You'll need to re install OS on that HDD to use it on the new system.

    3. Make sure your HSF is seated properly. That "shut down system to prevent damage" message might be a overheating protection.
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