4830 OR 9800GT

Which one of the two cards should I get?
ATI Radeon 4830
Nvidia Geforce 9800gt

I am looking for a graphics card that will last a while and am willing to go sli or crossire later down the road. I play mostly FPS games and some actions: Assassins Creed, Bioshock, Crysis Warhead, Gears of War, Tomb Raider Underworld.
Is there another option worth the extra money?
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  1. Look at the reviews... they are close, depending on your resolution.

    Another option... always! worth the money... it's up to you.
  2. either one, they are pretty close
  3. Just depends on what you want. Since they are both pretty close I'd say it comes down to if you want a crossfire or an sli motherboard. Generally I like the crossfire boards better for both AMD and Intel. If you already have a crossfire or SLi motherboard then you may as well base your choice on that.
  4. Did you bother to look at the THG VGA charts so you can get a more direct comparison for the games you play? They do not list the 9800 GT but it is basically the 8800 GT so compare with that.
  5. I would save up and get a 4850, its built to handle games better than a 4830.
  6. any of the stated cards are good, but like someone else stated it depends on your mobo. if you have sli mobo then the 9800GT is you choice. also a 4850 is faster than the 9800GT so maybe waiting a little longer will suit you better for the future. 4850 > 4830 = 9800GT. i would wait if at all possible.
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