ASUS P6T, faulty board or something else? RMA?

So I've been going nuts the last few days with my new i7 build. I have an ASUS P6T mobo,G.Skill DDR3 1600 3GBx2 (8-8-8-21) memory, and an i7 920. The system works perfect with the memory on auto, which sets it to 1066. However, when I enable X.M.P to set the memory to 1600 and the 8-8-8-21 timing it gives me the BSOD when I launch anything intensive, like a game, or run a test on OCCT. I've also manually entered the timing, speed and voltage. I've tried this with the memory voltage at 1.65 as well. The funny thing is my buddy has an i7 build and he tested my memory and it's fine on his and he has an extra set of Corsair Dominator 1866 memory and we put it in my system. We tested and has the SAME issue. At 1066 it's fine, with XMP at 1866 it bombs out the same way. If we backed it down to 1600 with the same XMP settings, it was fine however.

My thought is that everything should work with everything on auto and the memory set to the XMP rated settings. Since this happened with 2 sets of memory, I am leaning toward a motherboard RMA. Does everyone agree with that? Could it be the CPU's memory controller? My past experience is that usually CPU's work or they don't since they are a single die, and a mobo have so many components that could go haywire.
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  1. Set your RAM volts to 1.66 and see if that helps.
  2. caniba said:
    Set your RAM volts to 1.66 and see if that helps.

    I already tried that. I can't actually set it to 1.65, it only take .02 increments, so 1.65 is 1.66
  3. Are you using the latest bios (as of this writing 0403)?
  4. with the 0403 bios I set mine to 1.66. It is in red, but works fine.

    Also you might want to call asus. There are issues with the ram slots on these boards. I love mine but it is the second one. I RMA'd the first for a faulty ram slot. If you search around it is too common.
  5. I did update the BIOS to the latest, 0403. I also tried moving the RAM around. It won't boot if it is not in the orange slots. But I can make any combo of 2 and it does the same thing.

    I called Newegg and got a UPS return label and shipped it out. I rather get a brand new mobo than get a "replacement" from Asus not knowing if it was new or just a refurb.

    I did see alot of bad comments on Newegg regarding the ram slots. My buddy just build a system for someone using this board and he was able to run the XMP settings just fine. I'm guessing I just got a bum board. I've used an ASUS board in the last.... 4 or 5 PC's I've owned. PII, PIII, Athlon XP, Core2, and now i7. This is the first time I've had an issue. I almost went Gigabyte, as they are also a choice of mine for builds. However, I've always been a fan. Hope their quality isn't slipping. That would be a shame.
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