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North bridge fan and radiator fans for LCS

Last response: in Overclocking
March 26, 2010 12:35:42 AM

I was planning on getting this for my asus extreme II gene northbridge(x58) due to its high heat.

Anyone see where I might run into problems?

Im planning on getting four of these for a push pull system for my radiator connected to a fan controller.

Fan controller can handle wattage Im just curious about if this is a good idea. I've seen to where if you run a fan off a controller at lower speeds it might fry. Can someone plz give me some input on this because I would like to control the temperature manually during o/c or crank it a lil when I play heavy games and then back down for idle or normal routine.

Plz and thankyou
a b K Overclocking
March 26, 2010 12:46:58 AM

asus extreme II gene northbridge(x58) due to its high heat.

Temps? What software are you using to report temps?

The Delta fans are INSANELY LOUD, be warned.

Im planning on getting four of these for a push pull system for my radiator connected to a fan controller.

So you have a water cooled set up? Specs? Anyways, most people run Yate Loons, Gentle Typhoons, or Scyths as their fans on the rad. Very few (mainly those using heater cores) run Deltas.

Anyways, I recommend you take a look at the Antec SpotCool. That should do the job well.
March 26, 2010 1:38:31 AM

usually tween 60-70 caught it at 71 in crysis a few ago. No software straight up info-reded it with my buddies meter thingy. I knew it was an issue when buying it but I though my cases fans could even it out, obviously not. My 5870's aftermarket fan is pulling all the air from the bottom 2 and the top one wont hit it enough( why temp bounces I presume, with fans off it usually sticks 67-70) to it like crazy

Ive a swiftech mcp655 12v dc w/speed control pump 1/2id
-swiftech mcres rev.2 res 1/2 id
-swiftech mcr220 qp dual 120 rad supoorts 4 fans mounted(2 cheap ass 120s atm) with UN rad mount in a home modified xclio 1000 case(cut case fan grills out for max air flow on bottom two fans, removed raid mesh, replace mesh with 120 sized finger grills) SOB took 8 of my 12 5.25 bays
-apogee xt cpu block
-All 1/2id fittings with of course 1/2id tubing.

What Im looking to do is be able to control my LCS fans from a controller really. Having the rad mounted as I do wiring would be a sinch for the fans. I think what I really need to know is what would be the best rpm for the fan and with the controller and would there be a poss of burning the fan out say I want to drop the rpms a few hundred would the drop in power cause in problems to the fan. I know its not needed but I just wanted to put that extra lil me in it and that extra lil bit of control I can show off and brag to my friends lol and also to adjust temps manually when gaming and idle.
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a c 86 K Overclocking
March 26, 2010 2:29:13 AM

You used a handheld thingy?

Ever hear of RealTemp, Core Temp, HW Monitor? And what are you using to load the CPU?

Prime 95 small ffts 30 min test.

Only then can we even begin to decipher if you have a problem.

No idea if your at stock settings either.

You got a decent basic WC setup of quality stuff. No idea if the fans are good, your airflow is good, your ambient temps are silly high.....

Sigh, another mystery post on Toms.
March 26, 2010 12:41:44 PM

Nah man the GENE runs that high naturally. Hundreds of reviews indicated that before I bought it. The rest the rig runs cool as winter its just the north bridge that runs hot the rest runs 49-51. All the research I did on the board basically told me the north bridge runs hot and thats its a problem with the design. They straight up told me I should use a fan for it and I dont feel like springing the 30-60 bucks for a fusion block for my board so I wonderd if the chipset fan would fit inplace of the standard cooling fins. I wanted to confirm the temps by another method via infra-red thingy. Speedfan confirms the NB crazy temps and fan controller's thermal diodes, all 4(tries all 4 diodes sep.) confirmed as well. Ive used Sandra and 3dmark to stress the pieces. I know its not a matter of how much stress is put on the board its that the board runs hot in idle lol and basically I knew it when I bought it. So its not a matter of why or a damaged board, its a matter of will the chipset fan fit correctly(and im not using the shitty ass glue they send iwith the fan lol). To feel safe at the moment when gaming I turn all 8 case fans to there max, the LCS smashes out the cpu and vga fan knocks out my card real good, memory is nice with a evercool crab, but that damn north bridge is killing me. Can you imagine what it sounds like lol? This lil fan might just be a really cheap way for me to shut almost everything but the crab, lcs, and one exhuast fan off.

i7 930 btw stock, no o/c to the rig yet until NB cooling solution is fixed, then Ill stress this mofo down.

The issue with the fans on the LCS comes from older work ive done on others electronics. General rule if it isnt getting the right amount of power, to much or to little, it will fry. But then I think to myself, the Mobo does that(increases and decreases speed) so there must be a way to do manually. Ive also changed my fan pref do to shadows fan insight on decibal levels. New fans:

Thanks for the comments and info btw guys
March 27, 2010 12:54:22 PM

Does anyone else have any idea if this NorthBr. fan truely is universal as it says(x58)

Also if manually lowering and raising my LCS fans from a controller might fry the fans? I just read earlier that a couple of ppl's NB have been running at 76 but they had a cramped case, very poor ventalation, and stock cpu coolers.
April 1, 2010 5:25:49 PM

Problem fixed, thrown in the circular pile and ordered a non hot running board. If poss. could A MOD mark this as solved, issue is resolved. Thankyou

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a c 86 K Overclocking
April 2, 2010 4:54:13 AM

You yourself can chose a best answer. It will never be closed, but solved usually helps.
April 6, 2010 9:29:05 PM

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