My new computer wont start properly

I recently made my compouter out of and antec 900 case, a ASUS motherboard, Nvidia geforce 8800 GTS, a intel duo core 2.4 ghz and a sunbeam 520 watt power supply. For some reason when i start the computer, the fans and lights go on but there is this really irritating siren like sound and nothing appears on my monitor. Can someone please help me?
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  1. The sound is probably a signal from your bios that something is wrong .

    Read the section of your motherboard manual about bios beep codes .
  2. Full system specs would help a lot also. Please list the specific models instead of generalities like "ASUS motherboard".
  3. My motherboard is a ASUS P5Q SE Plus LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard.
  4. could that "siren" sound be something like "beeps" (as in, sound, stop, sound, stop).

    Recheck all the wiring just in case.
  5. it is one never ending continuous sound, not seperate beeps. I sounds like something an accident might make.
  6. did you try reading the manual yet for beep codes?

    I know thats challenging but you will have to dig deep in these dire emergencies .
  7. i have been searching the tabnle of comments, then i skimmed the entire chapter on bios, i have not seen anything about bios beep codes.
  8. could it be that i dont have a bios cable conncting my vid card to my mother baord? i noticed something on my new vid card (Nvidia 8800GTS) It says BIOS VERSION There is an atx input with 6 prongs.
  9. ........

    You need to power your video card....... YES PLUG IT IN!

    And it's not a 'BIOS cable'.
  10. I fixed that part but now im getting an error msg saying "none drives detected, no any drives found" what does that mean? The computer attempt to run self repair but says it "cant identify the root problem" and shuts down.
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