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I purchased a Thermaltake W0116RU 750W PSU for $80 but wanna run 2 evga geforce 260 in sli. They require 2 6 pin PCIe EACH. so 4 6 pin would be needed. PSU only comes with 2. Is there a way to make this work and if so how? I would like to keep this PSU because is was so cheap and seems like a good deal for the money but at the same time i need a capable PSU so i'll get a new one if need be. any advice?
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    use that to calculate power. I'm fairly certian thats enough watts for the system, as that could actually take two 9800GX2's.

    for the connector problem, both 260's should come with a 2 molex to single 6 pin converter. this is how it's been done for years... even my 7600GS had one :lol:

    so that's my advice anyway. it won't be the stablest or cleanest power (indeed it might not provide maximum amsps) because of the extra resistance and complicated cabling by the converter. but it will physically work.

    hope that helped
  2. Thanks. It does help. I think Im just gonna bag the thermaltake and get a new power supply with more than enough amps and the proper connections to make my first build ever as easy as possible. Any advice on which one to get and a good (semi-future proof but not break the bank) wattage?

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