Windows 7 cant install (ATA problems?)

oh man!!!
this has been busting my nuts for days now...
I just bought a Dell latitude E5400:
2.53 ghz core 2
250gb HDD
Windows 7.
Problem is i downloaded software that was corrupt or something... can't get it off my Laptop, need to format hard drive and reinstall windows 7.
However when i insert the windows 7 setup Cd (supplied with machine) it not only makes weird noises... but when booting from CD/ DVD it doesn't run, just bi-passes it and boots from HDD. even when hitting F12 and asking it to boot from CD/ DVD.
I tried running windows 7 disk in other PC... no probs, sees the software... so cant be disk...
tried the Disk drive itself with dvd and software disk, also no problems..
So what is wrong?
why cant i boot from disk...
Someone said possibly the computer was originally installed with Vista and changed to Windows 7 and possibly has something to do with ATA?
sorry i have very little technical knowledge
I have 32 bit windows 7

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  1. Sounds like you have a bad optical drive in your Latitude. If it's still under warranty, call Dell and see if they will send out a replacement?
  2. Thanks for your response...
    But why can i run all other software disks and dvd's using the optical drive... that makes no sense, surely it wouldn't run anything if it was dodgy?
  3. Hmm
    Also tried running windows xp setup disk to see if boot from cd worked..
    Cd booted fine, although half way through shutdown with error message. but it answered my question; boot from cd drive? so wasn't to upset
  4. Strange.... perhaps you should try making a bootable Windows 7 install flash drive from that dvd and see if you can install from it?
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