Crashing while gaming Help please

ok well i have had this strange problem for a while now, and i cannot stand it anymore.

when i first build my computer and got crysis, while playing, at random my computer would shut off. now this would happen 5 minutes in, 3 hours in, or sometimes not a all.. completely random.

now i had always thought, this is crysis its buggy.. bla bla so i let it go.. it happened about once a month with cod4.. so i didnt make a big deal of that.

but now i got cod5 yesterday, and it crashes within 10 minutes.

the interesting thing is.. i play the witcher, farcry 2, and fallout without any hitches.. theyve never crashed on me through extensive play, 5hrs + on fallout 3 at a time..

i upgrade my graphics card drivers and motherboard whenever a new one comes out. i have reformatted by comp 3 times now due to unrelated things and the problem persists.

my specs - antec 900 case, all fans highest settings, cpu runs at around 30 c idle and mobo 40-50. ( can check again if issue is important)

SLI EVGA 9800gtx's with nvidia 180.48 drivers

EVGA Nvidia 780I sli Motherboad with nvidia 20.08 drivers and 6.03 system drivers

Q9300 @ stock settings with core contact freezer cooler @ highest fan speed

2 western digital 500 gig HD's in Raid 0

Creative soundblaster fatality pro soundcard with latest drivers

4 gigs of corsair ram ( 2 sticks)

OCZ 680 watt PSU

Vista 64 bit home premium
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  1. There is a law in hardware debugging. The stranger the problem, the more likely it is to be the power supply.

    Other possibilities are the sound card, and MB.

    Try taking out the sound card and using onboard sound.

    One of your GPUs could have an issue. You could always try each one solo.
  2. thanks or the reply, ya know ive been thinking it may be the ram, or the psu, but never the sound card. care to explain to me how the sound card would cause the crash? ive never had any sound problems while listening to music, my comp never crashes or freezes outside of games and even before crashes the sound seems fine

    when i think it may be either of the gpu's, it just dosn't make sence that i can play other games without problems. i understand the load crysis puts on them is high. so if it was just crysis itd make sence, but farcry 2 works and cod5 does not.. farcry is a much more demanding game.
  3. As far as why the soundcard could be an issue, long experience is all I can say. Different games will place different demands on a card, and when one game crashes while another does not, it's always a likely culprit.

    I suspect it less in your case because I have the same sound card and it runs Crysis fine, but it could be.

    IF it is your MB, sound, or GPU, it's because the specific software is making a specific request of your hardware that it cannot perform well. Just because a game is more demanding does not mean it's demanding in the same way.

    As an example, perhaps COD5 is writing to the same small portion of VRAM over and over, causing it to heat up too much and produce an error it would not otherwise produce.

    Perhaps a mode switch in a game causes a voltage demand spike that in turn makes your 12V line just unstable enough to bring your MB to a halt.
  4. would you reccomend i bring my pc to a local computer store. would they be able to run any test and be able to see what exactly is the problem.

    like could i ask them to run cod5/ crysis until it crashes, and theyd have a way to find whats at fault, either by swapping parts or exc.. (im no expert here)

    EDIT: i even played cod5 beta and it worked fine for hrs.
  5. They would swap out parts until they found the culprit. Eliminate as much as you can by yourself before taking it in.
  6. In other words, strip your computer to the bare minimum that will still run your games (performance in the game notwithstanding, we're looking for stability here). No sound card, single video card (even minimal ram, if you think it's a culprit). Run the suspect games with this minimal configuration and note the stability (or lack thereof). If it is stable, add a single component and test again. Do so until it becomes unstable again, and you have narrowed the scope of your trouble shooting. Perhaps even trying different combinations until you find out exactly which are stable and which are not.

    In the end it could be just a matter of SLI drivers, your exact particular combination of hardware, and specific quirks of the games you're having trouble with. Some people have to disable their multicard setups (SLI/CF) for specific games until their specific video drivers are updated for said game.

    It's all going to be trial and error at this point.
  7. Download memtest86 and run it for a night. That would tell you if it's a RAM problem.

    Did you get this tool too? It might help.
  8. disabling SLI did the job, i havnt got a crash in cod5 since.. although i still get 70 fps in cod5 with sli disabled.. my crysis fps would DIAF..

    does this mean that SLi drivers or w/e were the problem.. or could it mean my psu cant handle giving power to both cards, or my 2nd gpu is bunk.. or maybee possibly all 3?
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