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I just purchased a 1TB drive for my PVR machine. I mounted the drive (F:) to my computer, formatted it and placed 2 directories on the root, EditedTV and RawTV. I then copied all my mpg files from a very old machine in to these two directories.

When I purchased the new drive I actually got 3 of them, 2 for a new build. One of these other two was giving me problems so I decided to try and mount it in the pvr machine to see if it would recoganize it. My thought was to remove the sata connection and power from the F: drive, boot back up and see if I could format the troublesome drive on this computer. Before sending it back I wanted to make sure the problem was with the disk. When I went to shut the machine down I accidentally put it into sleep mode. I then went on to detach the current good disk and put in the bad disk. I didn't realize I had put the machine into sleep mode until now. As the machine started back up I realized what had happened and then did a restart. The troublesome drive didn't work here either so now I was satisfied it was a drive failure and sent it back. I then reconnected the original F: which contained my 2 directories and videos. I looked and the directories where still there and thought nothing of looking in them. As luck would have it the EditedTV directory has all my files and the RawTV has nothing but newly recorded shows. When I look in explorer or a command window I see the same thing, 18 newly recorded shows. The thing that is bother me though is when I check the disk space I see that 380GB has been used. However, when I check the amount of space being used by my 2 directories it's only 180GB.

So my questions here is can I get back my missing files? If so how? They're not deleted so an undelete tool won't find anything.
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  1. Perhaps they somehow got set to hidden. In that case setting your folder options to view hidden files would take care of it. If they are not hidden, then that could imply they are there, but somehow damaged. In that even an undelete tool may allow you to recover them, though I expect you would have to format the drive, or run fix disk utility, to recover the space.
  2. I looked for hidden files without any success. I'm thinking the file system got screwed up but was hoping that someone might know of some tool(s) I could try. I've been giving things a shot most of the day and obviously have had no luck.
  3. Recuva by Piriform is a donation-supported tool that will scan your NTFS formatted hard drive for deleted files and make them available for recovery.
  4. Tried a deep disk scan with Recuva earlier today with no luck. And wouldn't you know I just deleted everything from the backup disk because I'm revamping my computers and want to set the backup disk with raid 1. I know redundent but it seems like I screwed myself here so why not.
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