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I am running a i5 @ 3.78 with 4gb of ram at 1800mhz with a 750w corsair psu and a cooler maste hyper 212 +. My OS is win7 64bit pro. I ran prime95 for over 7 hours and memtest86 for 5 + hours finding no problems. But as soon as a I play a game my screen will freeze between 5-20 in. It isn't a BSOD as it takes the game actual background shade of colour and I can still hear the game sounds playing in a loop. My CPU temps are never over 45 while playing and my GPU temps stays under 60( can't see it when it happens but I minimize frequently to watch it while playing). My card is a HD4670 1gb with the latest drivers. My resolution is 1680x1050. The weird thing is that the game doesn't always crash in fps demanding situation. The same problems never happen when I go back to a not over clocked BIOS profile. Any ideas as to why this is happening would be most welcome.


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  1. I always do Memtest+ 12-18 hours and at least 12 for Prime 95.....might wanna try OCCT and run memory, CPU, GPU and PSU tests on OCCT and then examine voltage / temp graphs afterwards to try and fine any anomalies. A game puts a load on everything making it hard to diagnose whereas the OCCT tests load 1 thing at a time...except for PSU test .....warning, the PSU test can kill a cheap PSU.

    Any messages in Event Viewer ?
    ) ?
    Have you turned off automatic restart ?

    Have you tried playing silent (disabling sound card
  2. im with stupid --> myself but why run all these tests for all those hours? whats the point? just wandering?
  3. Sykolojikal said:
    The same problems never happen when I go back to a not over clocked BIOS profile. Any ideas as to why this is happening would be most welcome.

    If the problems do not happen at stock settings, you clearly have a problem with some of your OC settings.

    The rest of my reply also answer's varania's question - what's the point of running these test for so long.

    Stability seem to be one of those things that is the eyes of the beholder. We have had many discussions over the years on the question of how long to stress test. There's 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 24 hours. I used to think 12 hours was enough. A couple of times, I let stress testing run overnight. In the morning, I discovered a failure at 14 hours once and 18 hours another time. After that, I run 24 hour tests.

    If Syko had run P95 small fft's for 24 hours (tests CPU overclock), the P95 blend tests (tests CPU --> memory) for 12 hours, and memtest86+ for, say, 12 hours; when he had graphics problems, he could legitimately assume that the CPU overclock or the memory was not the problem and he could focus on the graphics system.

    But now, he doesn't have a clue where the problem lies.

    That's the point.

    Syko, my suggestion is to put everything back to stock settings and start over.
  4. My OC method is to 1st get the RAM outta the equation running 200 BCLK and CPU multi of 12. Then I will do Linx (20 runs about 5 minutes) and if it passes I will move up.....keep going till I hit failure.....then it's OCCT's 60 minute tests. That usually knocks me back a setting and then to test final will do 12-18 of P95 to "make sure".
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