New system built - HARD DISK NOT DETECTED?

Hi everyone,
I just put together my computer and when I boot it up, everything seems to be working properly until it says "no hard disk detected". I bought a 500gb WD SATA hard drive and it seems to be spinning and powered up but the system doesn't detect it. Anyone have any ideas on whats wrong with it?

EDIT: When I check the BIOS, I see the hard drive listed there.
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  1. Is the hard disk selected in the list of bootable devices?
  2. Are you referring to the list of boot priority? If so, it is listed under there.
  3. check if the hard drive is in the BIOS, i think you will have to format your new hard drive.
  4. Back to a more basic question. Does the PC boot, i.e., does it starts loading an OS or does it display the error message at POST?
  5. I am sorry for bumping and hijacking this thread, but I am having the exact issue.

    BIOS detects the SATA hard drive; however, after the POST message, I get a "Hard Disk Not Detected" error.

    P5QL-EM is the motherboard.
  6. I have the same issue now with a P5Q Pro.
  7. if the drive is brand new have you tried partitioning it?
  8. Is the drive formatted? I'm assuming there is no OS installed hence the "Hard Disk Not Detected" error. Try installing an OS.
  9. Its a message from a IDE controller. Go and disable Marvell IDE in bios and the problem should go away.
  10. Hi dm0kk, check out following resource that may help you to find solution:
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