nvidia geforce 9800 gx2 or 260 gt- which ones better?!

I've got a 8600 gt and i'm thinking of upgrading widin 1 or 2 months. which ones better in both graphics quality n performance? my motherboard is abit ip35p, n it doesnt have any pcie2 slots. is this gonna cause som big problems n do i need to upgrade my motherboard too? if so, which one? my current pc config is
intel e4500 processor
abit ip35p motherboard
512mb 8600gt
4 gb 800mhz kingston ram(2gbx2)
650 watt psu

any help will b appreciated:)
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  1. go with gtx 260 216 core for sure
  2. well... for one that cpu is going to bottleneck it unless you oc it. im fairly confident you could get it to 3.0GHz if you put in a bit of effort.

    secondly, that mobo supports pci e gen 1.0 or 1.1... both of those cards are gen 2 and might be slightly bottlenecked.

    now before i make my recommendations on those two cards... have you considered any ATI cards? the 4870 performs pretty much the same as the GTX 260, and 4850X2 is approximately (but slightly faster i think) the speed of the 9800GX2.

    In games that scale well with more than one gpu, the 9800GX2 and the 4850X2 will walk all over the other two. however, in older games and crappily coded games, they will have the performance of a 4850 and a 9800GTX. however those games are few and far in between...

    so imo, depending on the price, a 9800GX2 or a 4850X2.
  3. thanks 4 da advices, & v3nom, i'm not much of a fan of ATI, so i think i'l stick wit nvidia... so ur saying i need to upgrade my motherboard too? can u suggest a mobo dats not too expensive but performs comparatively good? i hav never oc da processor b4, but i've heard dat it damages da mobo/procesor n its not safe
  4. thats complete BS. all intel cpus are overvolted from the factory (or in another sense, underclocked). read the stickies on overclocking around here... theres really nothing to be afraid of and it's fairly simple to understand the basics. I for example overclocked my e4400 (2.0GHz stock) to 2.66GHz for daily use and 2.9 for a quick bench. my crappy VIA northbridge let my overclock down though.

    i recommend the cheapest P45 you can find... even ones with a single slot pci express slotare ok, although i do recommend ones with two... use newegg search to find a good mobo, and if newegg doesn't ship to you, try and find it in your area.

    seriously though dude, thats a common misconception... ocing doesnt DAMAGE a cpu. its shuts itself down long before that can happen. it might shorten its life by a few years... but really, who keeps a computer for 10 years?

    to my way of thinking, overclocking lets us buy something low end and make it go faster than the fastest processor triple the price or w/e out there.. really no cons to it.

    and as for your nVidia fanboism... i admit myself i favour nvidia, thats just how i roll. i've never owned an ati card (except i think dad got a 32MB one back in the day) and have been quite happy (make that ecstatic!) with my 7600GS and 9600GT. FX 5200 wasn't so crash hot though it served me well for a few years. until oblivion :P

    anyway, enough of my rambling. hope that helps mate, take the time to read through ocing guides and get a feel for it...

    one last question: did you build that system yourself? or buy it complete or?
  5. First of all there's little or no gain going from pci-e 1.0 to 2.0. Secondly, going from a p35 to a p45 is totally a waist of money. If you are going to get a new video card ( gtx260 or ...4870...bah ) you will benefit greatly by over clocking the processor you have. Even a mild OC will be good. And even if you don't, the new card will make your games run better.
  6. didnt buy it complete, a cousin helped me. u've been a real help v3nom n i will go through da oc-ing stickies... thanks evry1 4 helpin.... tc
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