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I want to buy a new computer for flight simulator FS9+FSX.
Where can I find the comparitive information about computer systems and video cards
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  1. try www.flightsim.com, wrong section though
  2. This THG review of FSX shows the relationship between CPUs and GPUs
    It shows FSX is more influenced by CPU power and speed than graphics card power.
  3. What you want with Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the fastest and most powerful Quad Core CPU that you can afford.
    Ideally a Intel Core i7 CPU system that is overclocked or the next best a Intel Core 2 Quad CPU based system that is overclocked.
    A AMD Phenom II system would be all right too.
    Here is a review of the Core i7 and simulations.Some people contest the results in the Sim HQ forum though.
    here is an older review of last years AMD's Phenom 9850 BE and simulations.
    If you're building a PC specifically to run FSX don't bother with the older dual core CPU's.
    This CPU would make perhaps the best choice right now for FSX.
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