How can i change vcore for my i3??

i have my i3 530 at 3.52ghz. if i go any higher it blue screens and then restarts, this is not because of the temps because at 3.5ghz and full load the temp is only 43 degrees..

the only thing it could be is that the vcore is not high enough. i have no idea on how to change this with an intel DH55HC mobo.

please help, thanks :hello:
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  1. Clearly vcore

    Do you have a performance tab in your bios? You enter bios at boot by pressing the F2 key (dont hold it down - just press, release, press release..)

    Change CPU voltage from Auto to whatever you need. Dont go too far however. It will increase heat dramatically. If you change CPU voltage it will stay at that level all the time. Some people like it to drop back down to a lower setting for cooler operation, some could care less...

    You could instead try increasing Vdroop - this will supply more voltage as load increases without increasing CPU voltage and keeping it high all the time.

    Look here:
  2. Most Intel boards you will not be able to change the vcore or do any overclocking from bios. I am guessing you have done your overclock by software because of this so you will be limited by the voltage it is set too since you cant change it my advice would be to back off your overclock a bit and find a stable number that is the best you can do with a Intel board.
  3. yaa thats why i just sold the board :)

    i am planning on buying an ECS P55H-A board.. this should be good right? In south africa(where im from) it costs R1140 which is about $140..

    is this board good for overclocking..??? i am on a budget by the way.
  4. Yea that looks like an OK board I never used ECS before so I cant say for sure how they perform. I myself would Stick to ASUS, GigaByte or EVGA.
  5. i would too but those boards here cost A LOT.. previously i had a ECS P45t-a and it worked nicely so i think im going to stick with ECS
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