Forceware 180 Drivers Fan control problem

Has anyone else noticed you lose fan control in N-tune with the new 180 drivers? I loaded them this weekend and went to set my OC again and the fields are greyed out. Bugges me that i cannot set my fan speed and my GPU is running at 63c idle now whereas i was at 43-45c idle at 50% fan. any help appreciated.
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  1. Yes. I was using Smart Doctor for fan control, and after the driver update, it quit working. I'm leaving it for now, as the card is doing OK, temp. wise, but it is bugging me enough to consider the following to absolutely fix any potential fan control problems;

    - remove fans from CPU and GPU, and set them up and let them run somewhere beneficial (one directed at ram sticks, one to aid case cooling, for example) this way, I would have no issues or warnings, the mobo and GPU wouldn't think anything was wrong.

    - install aftermarket fans on the CPU and GPU, tied directly to the 12V from the PSU, through 2 nice control knobs mounted on the side of my case.

    Absolute control ensured forever.
  2. Same problem here...
    Just tried rivatuner and you can control the fan there aswell. You can even make fan speed profiles so you should deffinetly check that out.
  3. Hi

    I have the same issue, lost my fan controle with the 180 drivers.
    I m using RIVATUNER to correct the problem.
  4. I dumped the 180 drivers after I had stability issues while gaming, plus the lose of the fan speed control was annoying.
  5. Yep, same here...I thought maybe it was just my system as the release notes say nothing about fan control being hosed. As mentioned, just use RivaTuner. You definitely want manual fan control as GPU temps get too high with the automatic control.
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