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Hi ,

I am having lots of problems with my Work HDD and i really need some files on it.

The pc was working fine when it had to reboot after installing updates...Then i got Hdd boot error...

I knew that the hard-disk was getting corrupt so i decided to back-up.

I used Hiren boot cd 10.1

Tried Hd regenerator 1.71 ..showed many bad sectors but was unable to repair all.

I tried to clone the drive and ignoring all bad sectors but it kind of froze at 98%.

When i rebooted ,the Hdd started making noises ( tac-tac-tac ) then no more noise and the Pc would not detect the Hdd again.

I opened the Hdd carefully and i think there is a problem with the mechanism inside and can't figure out how to fix it.

If i can get the Hdd to work for only 30min it would be great.

Its an old HDD - Quantum Fireball 20.4gb
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  1. I'm not the expert here, but after the ticking and you opening her up, I think it's a lost cause honestly
  2. I opened a Hdd once and it still worked after i put it back together
  3. Try to put the hdd as a slave in other computer and maybe you can save some files. After that i advise you to wipe it clean.
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