955 BE OC 4.0?


Looking for anyone who can clock a 9955 BE past 3.72(Stable). I can get 4.1 but not stable cashes in seconds of prime.

955 BE
Giga UD3H
2x X Fire 5770
6 GB 12800 Ram (UMAX)
Under Water (3/8), Copper.
1000 watt psu
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  1. Just a quick question here: what's your PSU?
  2. I can get my 955 to 3.8, but I had to increase vcore to 1.5v and decrease
    RAM from 1600 to 1333 to get it stable in prime (for about 5-10 mins). However, I don't really have adequate cooling so I put it back down to 3.6. It's definitely possible, especially for you. Just tweak the voltage and RAM. Sometimes oc'ing your NB frequency can also help with stability.
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