Appreciate advice on well researched new build

OK, after two weeks straight of reading your other rec's here (and getting nothing done at work) and other links I think I have put together a really good build for the price and want to know what you guys think. I spent a lot of time researching cause things get a little complicated with the budget. I want to spend around $400 after rebates. However, I can ask for some pieces for Christmas from my family but I want them to be the cheaper pieces as they are on a budget as well.

My current computer is aging fast and can't handle the games I want to play and is just slow in general. Games in mind are C&C Red Alert 3, Fallout 3, and maybe Far Cry 2 and Mirror's Edge early next year.

I currently have a Samsung 920bw monitor, 19" 1440 X 900. I also have the Samsung LN40A550 40" 1080p LCD TV that I would like to be able to hook up to this new build and play games on. But we will have to see...

Ok, on with the build. (The stars below denote the beginning of the xmas list)


Asus P5Q

Sapphire HD 4850

ThermalTake 650W Power Supply

NEWEGG COMBO TIME! (links will add to shopping cart, but they have given me trouble before so just view the combos on one of the items and go to view all combos)

E8400 + Asus P5Q = $259.37 shipped - $15 MIR = $244.37.

HD 4850 + ThermalTake 650W = $229.98 - $13.50 Promo Code NOVTT10 = $216.98 - $70 MIR = 146.48

Subtotal = $390.85 after rebates. That's $90 off with combos!


Western Digital 640GB = $69.99

4GB (2 X 2GB) Corsair Ram = $54.99 - $30 MIR = $24.99

NZXT Alpha Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Case = $59.99 - $20 MIR = $39.99

XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 & Retention Bracket = $31.99 + $8.49 - $10 MIR = $30.48

Couple of things I am curious to find out from you guys:

If you comment on one thing, be it the HD 4850 + ThermalTake 650W. I think its an amazing deal and I JUST found that promo code today when the combo was posted on slickdeals, which is an amazing site if you don't know about it yet. When stuff gets posted there, it usually goes out of stock fast so please let me know what you think.

Its almost an annual tradition that I ask my dad to get me a hard drive for xmas. Only this time, I don't really know what kind of budget he is thinking. To make it easy on him, can you point out good $70, $90, and $110 drives for me? Thanks.

In general, any things you would change/add? Will I be able to rock anything on my 40" or is that hopeless on this budget?

Please do not recommend anything significantly more expensive then what I have listed here without good reason. I don't want this to get out of control.

Thanks guys. You guys have been a big help already, big up to Proximon and everyone else I have been reading lately!

And if anyone is interested, I build a big excel spreadsheet with prices of the parts I liked and uploaded it here: link

*note i think my dad may have already bought the Ram as I sent it to him already, but he may be slow with it.
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  1. I don't like Thermaltake. I don't trust them to deliver what they promise. Some of their PSUs are very bad.

    This 650W Toughpower has the same name as a PSU that got a very good review only 4 months ago... but then I see a different model number. Not good.

    The 700W with the same combo deal looks to be at least a slightly better deal, if that's all you can afford.
  2. The 700W ones is nearly $50 more after rebates. Newegg reviews seem pretty good. Or am i stretching to make this work? This combo deal was really the only way i thought I could bring in the 4850 at budget.
  3. If there was one part on newegg where user reviews meant nothing, it would be PSUs.

    There is absolutely no way for anyone to know if they got a bad PSU or not, because they have no equipment to accurately measure the stability of power being generated.

    Understood about the rebates, I missed that.

    Well, your chances are a lot better with that PSU than most. It's not likely to blow up or anything. In fact, at worst it's maybe a "tier 3" model. Just be aware that any mysterious system instability may be the PSU.

    And who knows? It could be a great PSU... TK make some occasionally. You are basically getting it for free though, and that is scary.
  4. ok, ok. you have scared me away. What about this one though? A OCZ 600w, its the ModXstream version, not the Stealth Extreme version you rec'd.

    I read the reviews I found on google and they all seem positive. The good news is it is bundled nicely with some hard drives? The least amount of storage I need is the 640 GB but what do you think about some of the bigger hard drive bundles, specifically the two WD 1 tb drives???

    Any other advice from you Proximon or anyone else on the build overall?
  5. Sapphire is also notorious for not honoring their rebates and proving very poor service. Thermaltake's record isn't that hot either. It is somewhat of a gamble expecting those rebates to come in on that GPU and PSU combo. I would recommend looking for alternatives.

    The OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ600MXSP 600W is currently bundled with your hard drive of choice with $40 in instant savings is a good choice in my opinion :).
  6. Yes, the OCZ is probably decent. I can't say for sure as it has not gone to the serious reviewers, but other PSUs in the series have good marks.

    If you wanted EXCELLENT instead:
    PC P&C 610W

    But given your budget the OCZ is a good deal.
  7. @Proximon: I think you linked to the one I mentioned...

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the votes of confidence in OCZ + WD HD deal.

    Now which of the lower priced HD 4850's is the best choice now that I can afford a $130 - $150 card (banking on DAD flipping for the whole PSU combo [/crossing fingers]. The Sapphire rebate horror stories have turned me off completely and I have had a bad experience with Diamond before. What about the Asus version?
  8. I fixed the link, thanks.

    The ASUS should be fine.
  9. Asus provides solid customer service and you should actually get the $30 from the MIR. Its a good choice.
  10. cool, thanks.

    Will I regret opting for the Freezer 7 Pro over the Xigmatek? If i am going to ask someone like my sister to get it for me I want to make it easy as possible, i.e. no rebates, good price and only ONE item.

    And anybody have that case? Or any better ideas in that price range?
  11. Yeah, the Sunbeam is a really great price now, and comes with thermal paste. Easier to install than a Xigmatek, probably, and actually rated slightly higher for cooling.

    It doesn't exactly bolt down like the Xig, but the way it attaches is better than stock.
  12. Alright so heres where we ended up:

    Asus P5Q Pro
    Corsair 4 GB Ram
    Asus 4850
    WD 640 GB
    NZXT Alpha Black Case
    Sunbeam Cooler
    OCZ 600W PSU

    As of today, that would be $604.7 shipped after $125 worth of MIR's. $400 I will be spending on Cpu+mobo combo and gfx card and the other parts asking for Xmas. I think this build is going to be great, thanks guys.

    I saw a lot of crazy PSU sales on Newegg today, btw. 2 of the ones you recommend Proximon...
  13. Yes some good deals.

    This GameXstream, while not great at heavy loads, would power almost any single card system with ease:

    $90 up front but with a $40 rebate.
  14. It's hard to beat the Antec Earthwatts 650w at $50, free shipping and no rebates to screw with. Alos has better then 80% efficiency

    review of it from jonnyguru
  15. that makes me wonder how much I can get for the OCZ 600W on ebay...
  16. Proximon is totaly correct that newegg reviews on psu's are hard to find as valid. They do not have the equipment needed to throughly test them. I actually do, do to my background and you will find that you get what you pay for when compairing power supplies. A lot of people try to skim on the PSU and get burned because of it. Looking at your setup though OCZ 600w should run everything you have. Even the Antec EarthWatts would be a good deal which was mentioned above.
  17. +1 dirtmountain

    Alright people, I think the Antec Earthwatts is a better deal then the combo deal on new egg with the Hard Drive cause, there are no rebates for my dad to fill out, and he won't feel like he is wasting his money on shipping.

    Can anyone beat the Antec Eartwatts 650W that Dirtmountain found for $50? That looks like a steal cause it is ranked as a Tier 2 brand on the most recently updated PSU tiered list i could find here on eggxpert. Remember I building this rig with a just in case I can crossfire much later on mentality.

    I used Evongugg's list of PSU references to check it out and the OCZ modxstream is a tier 4 on most.
  18. It depends on the exact ModXStream. That's the problem with the tiered list, as sometimes PSUs in the same series are made by different OEMs.

    However, there is no question about the EA650 and it's a steal at that price. Snap it up before they realize their mistake.
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