Non Sine Wave UPS + Active PSU vs Passive PSU .... Kindly Advise

I came to know the fact that ACTIVE PFC PSU's require a sine wave UPS to run properly....

Now Corsair, Tagan are all active PSU's but since I cannot buy a Pure Sine Wave UPS (Very low on budget) does it mean that i should look only for Passive PFC PSU's coupled with a NON Sine Wave UPS

OR an ACTIVE PFC PSU would work well with a Non Sine Wave UPS

Please guide me further...
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More about sine wave active passive kindly advise
  1. Even a pure sinewave UPS isn't perfect when on battery. If your statement is correct, then most new PSUs are incompatible with a UPS, unless you buy a high-end unit. A quality PSU with a decent and powerful enough UPS should work fine. To be sure, contact both vendors.
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