Max speed of DVD drive? Converting SATA to USB


Got a cheap MOBO (dual core atom for £50)...

It has 2 SATA ports which i'm using to connect to 2 x 500GB 7200rpm 2.5" drives

But I also want to connect a Dual Layer DVD drive.

Normally you'd plug this into the SATA port. But instead, i'm thinking plug an adapter on the back and plug it directly into the USB header

How will this affect the speed of the Drive? Does the drive utilise the full SATA300 speed. USB2.0 is 480Mb/s...what is the maximum speed the drive could theoretically run at.

I do not want to limit the speed of the drive (i.e. might plug it into SATA instead)

Thoughts welcome....

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  1. Should be fine. DVDs can use the 40pin/40wire IDE cables, which max out at 33MBps. The SATA models aren't any faster, just use the other interface.
  2. Quote:
    Got a cheap MOBO (dual core atom for £50)...

    No offense but are you really that worried about speed?
    DVD drives can't read anywhere close to SATA300 speeds to begin with. 1x DVD read is 1.32MB/s so a 24X DVD drive will only be about 32 MB/s.
    USB 2.0 will max out at about 40MB/s.
  3. Fantastic. Just means I can now seperate out the page file and system drive. Then attach internal USB for Readyboost. Trying to speed up a dual core atom system. 4-4-4-12 RAM installed so trying to make efficiencies in other areas.
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