Roadrunners i7 Rig!!!!

Working on the pics atm.

Back soon.
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    1.34 vcore, I,m gonna try and back it down later.

    36-40c idle, and 75ish on prime 95, (Stock cooler) I will get a xigmatek bracket as soon as I see one online.

    Downloading vantage right now.
  2. not bad at all, especially on stock cooling. The temps could defenatally drop a bit but im very impressed you were able to get it that high without an aftermarket cooler.
  3. Now all i need is my 4850x2s and a couple SSD drives for my OS.

    Currently running 4670, and 2x WD 640s in raid 0.
  4. Money well spent is all I can say after running the same HDDs and GPU on a e8400 @ 4.0.
  5. The case will be painted when it warms up outside, I'm thinking flames, and I want to get water cooling, and some sleeving for my wires.
  6. racing stripes fo sho, and some 19" rims
  7. Looks good.

    What are the changes that you made to the settings in BIOS.

    Posts the temps after you get the Xigmatek installed.
  8. Nicely done, great job.
  9. Bravo. I'm excited to see updated results with the Xigmatek. I wonder how far you'll be able to push it on air, and how much difference you'll see with water. Again, very impressive.
  10. Bclck
    ram volts/ speed
    disabled the usual speedstep crap
    enabled load line calibration

    Thats all I messed with.
  11. 23117 vantage cpu score (performance)
  12. I got 25083 with my Q6600, too bad. :lol:
  13. What you got for speed on your q6600?
  14. Wow, I wonder if the better GPU help the CPU at all, or if vantage just likes FSB better then integrated memory controller. Gonna have to do a little research.
  15. I was just kidding, hence the :lol:. I'm not pissing on your parade.

    More details on the OC would be appreciated though.
  16. Well i was lookin at some other posts and people with q6600s and gtx 280s are getting 40000+ lol.
  17. The i7 is the hot stuff, but it isn't off the charts. It really is a server chip IMO, but I still want one, even though I don't need it.
  18. Nice!
  19. So, about the specific changes? Do you want to?
  20. Can we get the BIOS changes on that board, or are they secret? We have reviews. What about your understanding?
  21. What exactly do you want to know?

    Theres nothing really special. Looks the same as it does in the down loadable manual.

    If you want anything specific just ask, and I 'll do what I can.
  22. I want every default and the changes you made. I hope I'm not asking too much.
  23. some pretty neat cable management there :bounce:
  24. Na i will get some pics tomorrow of the defaults.
  25. Thanks, its gonna be even neater soon.
  26. Give us the BIOS changes. I know they they are few. Give them up.

    I don't want pics.
  27. Multi locked @ 20
    Bclck 133 to 190
    vcore 1.2 to 1.3
    ram volts/ speed auto to 1.6 from 1333 to 1520
    disabled the usual speedstep crap (same as core 2 duos)
    enabled load line calibration
    left the new turbo features disabled.
    Thats all I messed with.
  28. Cool, that's all I wanted.

  29. y not turbo enabled? :(
  30. The turbo is part of the energy saving overclock. When you dont use all the core the one or 2 you are using go up a little. I'd rather have all cores and threads running all the time.
  31. even if they aren't being used?
  32. yup, better then waiting a millionth of a second for them to kick in when i do need em

    This way i can burn all the cores evenly, lol.
  33. Just a thought, enable it and see.
  34. Turbo is not available under manual or extreme memory oc profiles.

    Its basically good for a Dell computer or something running stock, or locked bios.
  35. Yeah, stupid comment. I knew better, I read the reviews, I didn't need the info, I just thought you would be more forthcoming.

    So, easier to OC than the Core 2? Got to love it.

    So now the new thing is the i7 against the core 2.

    Remember when it was the dual VS quad?

    How times change... :lol:
  36. Wait... remember when it was AMD VS Intel [SAD smiley]
  37. Pretty nice rig mate :) hope u enjoy this beast :)
  38. nice rig u got there too maziar... i wouldnt be too disappointed with that!
  39. Here is a Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme for a 1366 socket if your still looking for a cooler :)
  40. I half to say I love those guys.
  41. Ok, now for next monday, I am gonna buy 2 of these:

    if they work well, I will buy 2 more, because I will be running them all in raid 0, as I want max performance.

    If they work like advertised I expect 300+ transfer rates vs my 2x 640 WD @ 181MB/s.

    When I get a xmas bonus I will buy my GPU's.
  42. I wonder how many people will ruin their motherboards installing i7 cpus.

    The chip sits in the socket 1/4 turn counter clock wise from the way socket 775s sit in the socket.

    If you think the socket 775s cpu rention clip was hard to push down wait til you try the socket 1366 clip. I had to touble check myself.
  43. Damn, only $80 for a 30GB SSD? Not bad. Good for just OS.
  44. @OP: Mind running the CPU/RAM benchmark in Sandra Lite?

  45. Sure, after I get done encoding this video.
  46. Which one you want theres a few in each.
  47. um what about those (Samsung?) 256GB SSD's? apparently they have like 300+mbps by themselves...
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