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After having been hit by malware in drive by browsing a couple of times, i've decided to use virtual pc 2007.

Now the question is - which is a more secure environment? Host or virtual PC?

I was thinking of having all my important documents, emails etc. in one environment and do all browsing from another. If I do all browsing from virtual PC I can always set it up to not save any changes. But is there a way for malware to attack the host even if request comes from virtual pc?

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  1. You need a professional all in one antivirus, such as Panda Internet Security, Norton, Kapersky, etc...
    Free security programs downloaded from the internet are practically worthless. And many are dangerous.

    You do not need virtual PC, or any other junk, just a good security system.

    Using multiple security programs and fixes, running all at once is a bad idea. It causes conflicts and poor performance.

    If you would have started with a professional antivirus, you would have never had the problem.
  2. The best way to avoid malware is to avoid Internet Explorer. Chrome, Firefox, or something else; it does not really matter. ANY other browser is more secure than IE.
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