Antec Three Hundred case on sale

There are two Fry's Electronics stores here in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Fry's always has a full page ad in the Sunday newspaper. This morning I noticed the Antec Three Hundred case is on sale for $43.99. The sale price is good until Thursday, February 19th.

I checked online. Apparently it is not on sale at the Fry's web site. The online price is $59.99 plush shipping and handling. Plain ground shiping could add another $15.00 or more to the online cost.

Fry's advertised the Antec Three Hundred as the ultimate gamer case. I would take issue with that claim.
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  1. Microcenter has it at that price all the time. On sale it would be $39.99.

    You could say it is the ultimate "budget" gamer case.
  2. I've noticed Microcenter often beats Fry's prices for pc cases. Unfortunately there are no Microcenter stores in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We used to have a CompUSA store down in Tucson but the store closed.
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