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Hi, a few months ago i started to upgrade my PC.
My machine in general is mid quality for gaming... i wanted to upgrade it more to be able to run games like CSS / DOD:S at max (without problems) and also be able to play some of my more graphical intensive games without the occasional fps drop/choke (which ive chalked up to motherboard problems).

My Machine as it stands (in terms of new buys):

OS: Vista 64bit Prof. edition

Tower Case: Antec 900-2 Nine Hundred Two Gaming Case (a new buy)

GFXCard: Xfx Nvidia 280GTX (a new buy)

PSU: 750W CoolMaster (forgot the official name, but a new buy)

My main question... which motherboard and processor would suit this system?

i have at the minute 2x2GB Kingston PC2 5300 667mhz ram (DDR2 SDRAM)
which if possible id like to keep... (just for sake of spending less money :) )

I was wondering whether anyone could recommend a mobo which would allow me to keep this ram (although if its not possible i can change).

Money wise... i don't want to spend too much, around £150-300 would be the best price range (maybe 350max) - for both mobo/proccesor*.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,
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  1. Well, i mean you can use the ram just, if your going to use more mid range, the ddr2 800 is your best bet.

    AMD or Intel?
  2. Quote:
    Well, i mean you can use the ram just, if your going to use more mid range, the ddr2 800 is your best bet.

    AMD or Intel?

    Ok, if the ram is mid range.. forget about it ill change once i have a mobo picked out.

    As for AMD or Intel... i have no specific preference, whichever compliments my system best and im open to suggestions.


    EDIT: I was talking to a friend who suggested buying:

    - 1 x AMD Phenom II X3 Tri Core 720 2.8GHz @ 3.5GHz (Socket AM3) - Retail
    - 1 x Corsair 4GB DDR3 XMS3 PC3-1600C9 DHX (2x2GB)
    - 1 x Arctic Cooling Freezer 64
    - 1 x Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P (Socket AM3) PCI-Express DDR3 Motherboard

    From Overclockers (wasnt sure about posting links, so that's the what it offers) @ £350.

    However, im not sure he knows as much as id like about systems to take his advice ^^. So any thoughts on that would also be appreciated.
  3. Well he's right on the tri-core if you mainly game.

    I would got for the x3 720be combo gigabyte board or the x4 940 combo gigabye/biostar board.

    ddr2 800mhz corsair/kingston and yes, a cooler would be nice.

    I keep thinking newegg on this but, im sure you dont have the combo choice, dangit.
  4. Which websites do you use?

    Look for the UD4H Gigabyte am2+ motherboard and nice tight timing ram as in

    CL : 5-5-5-15
    CL: 4-4-4-15/4-4-4-12.

    ddr2 corsair is probably your best bet, or geIL
  5. I use Overclockers UK primarily when buying anything computer related.
    also one named Novatech.
    Both do offer bundles, but i think they are limited.
  6. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MB-181-GI
    x3 720

    $119 ex vat for the board
    $105 ex vat for the cpu

    now you need ram DDR2 800mhz


    ddr2 800mhz crucial 4-4-4-12

    $45 ex vat

    total of $268 with no shipping fee's added on yet.

    cooler + thermal compound
  7. Thanks for the help, pretty much what i wanted to spend and close to what i was looking at.

  8. np, look for a descent cooler, most aftermarket coolers are fine, just need your thermcompound. Akasa is a good brand and arctic cooler.
    hope that helped.
  9. I personally shop at ebuyer.com, good prices, fast delivery(take cheap 5-day saver, most of the time gets delivered within 2 days anyway:) no problems with returns(i was actually amazed).
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