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Hi all. Ever since I got my 9600gt, I've been able to control the fan speed with RivaTuner. I installed mass effect (including 1.01a patch) today and when I went to RivaTuner to change my card settings, the fan tab was missing! I checked nVidia control panel and the fan control section is grayed out too when it wasn't before. My drivers and everything are up to date but it seems like installing mass effect did something. Any ideas?

ECS GeForce7050M-M v2.0
Phenom 8450
Chaintech 9600gt (driver version 180.48)
4gb Corsair XMS2
XP 32-bit w/SP2
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  1. i think the latest driver has messed things up, try an older one.
  2. Nvidia 180.48 did the same thing to my 8800GTX's. if you go to the Nvidia driver download page and bring up the details of 180.48, it mentions Nvidia system tools with ESA support. I am working away from home, but I intend to check it out. Need that fan control!!!!! I did revert the driver back to 178.13 to regain control of the fans.
  3. Thanks everyone, it was a driver problem. Driver 178 didn't work right either so then I just did system restore. 175.16 ftw!
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