How to write a right protected dvd

i have dvd shrink 3.2 , dvd decrypter and nero but when i burn my disc thet is right prorected it does play on my laptopn but not on dvd player can some 1 help.
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  1. Are you using DVD+R disk to record to, if you are try using -r, or a RW disk.
    +r require the disk to be "Finalized" normally, but not always, the default setting for +Rs in Nero. I also use DVD shrink and nero to make a B/U copy of my DVDs.

    I HAD a sony blu-ray player that refused to play any DVD disk that was not a "Store bought" movie while my stand alone LG and Samsung players/DVD recorder played the same disk just fine (Sony and their crappy DRM protection). Have not tried the New samsung blu-ray player (Netflex enabled) yet.
  2. i am using a windows 7 laptop.i have dvd shrink 3.2, dvd decrypter and nero8 on my comp.
    the non protected dvds i burn with nero8 and they play well on my dvd. but i burn the right protected using dvd shrink and decrypter. first i use the decrypter and i make a image of it. then using shrink and nero8(only in the background) i encode it. then it automatcally gets to a stage where it say lead-in and then lesd out. after that when the burning process is over i am able to play the dvd on my laptop but not on my otherwise dvd player.
    i use writex 4.7 gb discs.
    please help.
    i am using dvd-r
  3. Dvd -r do not require Finalization.

    I only used dvd shrink to copy my dvds (removed encryption and shrunk down to fit single layer disk) this producted .vob files. I then opened nero Express, selected DVD files. In the "Add files" I pointed to the directory and selected add. Then Burn.

    Have not used for a while. There where some dvds that shrink could not do. On some of them defab worked. Bought AnyDVD. It removes the encryption before the "DATA" goes to the program(s).
  4. Tread lightly on this subject. This forum takes a strict stance on copyright infringement. Breaking encryption is against the forum Terms of Service.
  5. As i understand in most countries you stay have a right to backup your own belongings. Also, DMCA which makes circumventing protections of any kind illegal, only applies to the USA.

    In other words, making a copy of your own belongings is perfectly legal in most parts of the world.

    I also could not find the word 'encryption' on this page:
  6. It doesn't matter what the law is in each country. BOM has decided not to allow it on the forum.
    'any material that violates or infringes in any way upon the proprietary rights of others, including, without limitation, copyright or trademark rights; this includes "WAREZ" (copyrighted software that is distributed illegally), "mp3" files of copyrighted music, copyrighted photographs, text, video or artwork. If you don't own the copyright or have express authorization and documented permission to use it, don't put it on your site at BOM (if you do have express permission you must say so clearly on your BOM homepage). BOM will terminate the memberships of, and remove the pages of, repeat infringers.

    * Post in ALL CAPS or use excessive punctuation!!!
    * Share personal information, like your email address
    . Identify theft is real.
    * Bump posts, claim "first!"
    * Hijack a topic. Stick to the original conversation.
    * Ask for help pirating, cracking passwords, or bypassing copyright protection
  7. BOM - Never heard of it, should spell out abreactions on first use
    Apologize if I overstepped your guidelines.

    I am DEAD SET opposed to the ILLEGAL copying of DVDs and posting on internet! or for personal use and methods should be disallowed.

    (1) There is a conflict in the "Digital copy Protection laws" and the "Fair use laws" in the US. I have heard of no one being prosecuted for Backing up DVDs that they own as this is not an issue they want to press as it could result in modifying the law (weaken it in their eyes). Some DVD distributers are just now trying to weaken this argument by allowing for obtaining a replacement disk - personally don't think it will cut the muster.

    (2) Although may "older" programs have been shut down (such as Previous mentioned one) however there are still "LEGAL" programs available, and rightly should be. Diffult to diffentiate as the do the same thing.

    (3) Reason I WILL NOT by Sony products - Had a Sony Blu-ray Player (I did not Buy) that refused to play TV programs I recorded on stand-a-lone DVD recorders Sold for that express purpose. Replaced with a Samsung (wife wanted to use Netflix). The Sony player would NOT work on any of my older Flat Panel TV; Bought prior to HDCP enabled even for my store bought DVDs. It currently is collecting dust!!

    I will end my tirade with this comment: The LEGIT use equates to my gun collection and that old saying - you can confiscate my gun(s) when you pry it from by cold hands. I fully agree with NOT assisting in pirating of software, and DVDs/Games, There are legit uses of these products, such as Backing up what you own and the discussion should be allowed.
  8. Best answer
    I'm sorry you've never heard of BOM. It stands for Best of Media. They are the owners of the forum.

    You seem to have put a lot of thought into that rant. However, it's all for nothing. It doesn't matter what you think. It doesn't matter what I think. It doesn't matter what the individual countries laws are, or pending cases. This is an international forum and the individual country's laws don't apply here.

    What does matter, is the Terms of Service that each member must agree to when they register here. The Rules of Conduct are also clearly spelled out, in a sticky, at the top of each forum section.
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