Problem with Western Digital ...Seagte ot Western Digital?

Dear Folks,

1-I`v purchased a western caviar Green 500G Hdd with 32 Buffer...,,all things seems to be fine...its motor is sounding right...i`1ve checked it with western digital diagnostic software and other programs of this kind...all of them said it is OK..!!in spite of these things, mostly whenever it is working..reading or writing is freezed..!! for instance for copy of file which takes 1 min after a while working fine , it takes 10 min and seems as if it`s freezed!!!!!!
even i install the align program from said that this HDD is not a Advanced formatted Drive !!so there is no need to turn the 512 byte sectors to 4096 sectors!! what is wrong with it?

2-Is a VelociRaptor from WD faster than 2 Caviar Black or 2 Caviar Blue in Raid 0 installation?

3-I`ve heard that Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 is much faster than WD Caviar Black? is it true?

4- it is clear that using 2 HDD in Raid 0 , would make twofold risk of losing date than the usual way....i heard something about "Parity code "and e"rror and correction" ...(i`m not quiet sure about the exact words) this point again something else apart from the deficiency i mentioned first?
Sorry for may Bad English

your help would be really appreciated
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  1. Isn`t there anybody to help me?
    please help me friends....... :(
  2. WD "green" drives spin down to conserve energy. this makes for poor performance at times. you may want to talk to WD and see about the firmware that will turn off this green function. I am not sure about the differences between Seagate and WD drives check for benchmarks here on Toms for that. I would never ever use RAID 0, where you do get hire speeds and performance you take a 50% greater chance of loosing ALL of your data! that statement bears repeating! YOU HAVE A 50% GREATER CHANCE OF LOOSING ALL OF YOUR DATA!
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