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Rate this build!! i may build soon

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December 15, 2008 11:08:02 PM

ok guys i have a friend who wants to begin pc gaming but doesnt have any knowledge of pc building or matching parts. you could ask what is a cpu and he wont know. so i built a "budget" pc a while back and since then have upgraded it a little. it originally started with a 9800GT but i put a 9800GX2 in it, it started with 2GB ram so i added 2GB more and overclocked the E8400 to 3.6GHz. it performs well so instead of sitting down for hours with him and let him pick pc cases and led fans i thought i could just sell him my build and take the cash and put it towards a new pc for me. so if that works i would like to build a rig using the following parts:







PSU (from SLI-Zone Certified PSU List):




this system will use Vista Home Premium 64-bit (OEM) and will be used on a 32" HDTV/Monitor at 1920x1080 Resolution. so please rate honestly and if you have any part suggestions please post what you think. this would be my second home built pc in less than a year but it will be built/bought over the next 3-5 months. i called EVGA about the PSU and they said it should have no issues running three 9800GTX+. it has 3 +12V rails at 25A and 4 six+two (x4 6+2) connectors. thanks alot to everyone who helps me make this decision ( i may build even if friend doesnt buy my other pc)

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December 15, 2008 11:27:56 PM

2 things, 2 260 GTXs will perform about the same as 3 9800 GTX+, and you need a bigger harddrive. Take the money saved by going with the 2 260 GTXs and get a 500GB+ hard drive and you are good to go. Also buy the PC Power and Cooling 750w power supply, it is higher quality and costs less for more watts.

That will be one HELL of a system, enjoy!
December 16, 2008 2:13:22 AM

well i already have 2 of the 1GB 9800GTX+ so getting the 3rd will be easier for me and the SLI GTX 260 fall just short of TRI-SLI 9800GTX+ but only by about 5-8 fps. i found 3 great TRI-SLI reviews and they showed awesome performance. but i think i will change the PSU to this:

i started to feel that the 625W would be cutting close (in 2 of the reviews, total system power was almost 600W) i feel much better with the 800W.
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December 16, 2008 6:47:06 PM

While I don't believe the price difference is worth it between the PC P&C 750w and the Tagan BZ800, it does have a great modular design and performs around the same level of kick-a$$. The system will be great, though 3 9800 GTX+ are about the same as 2 GTX 260 216 cores (not sure what reviews you read but would be interesting in reading them) , which is great! That will be a nice system, hope you enjoy it.
December 16, 2008 7:33:54 PM

yeah it'll be a few months before i get to enjoy it. ive also changed the case to the nvidia antec 900 with the green side window and green led fans instead of the blue. the rig im selling to my friend has a blue theme so i want to change it up. also not gonna use the tagan either, i found a quad-sli certified zalman 850W thats 10 bucks cheaper and doesnt have a led fan, cant have a blue led in the psu with a system thats all green led's.

it doesnt have GTX260 SLI in it but heres a review that shows great crysis performance with tri-sli. my rig will be a little better though because im going to be using GTX+'s instead of GTX's. also they will be 1GB not 512MB