Some questions about my oc i5 750 on p55 usb3

hi guys i would like some info/advice about my oc on my i5 750 @3.6

mobo = gygabyte p55 usb (rev 1.0)

cooling = corsair h50 watercool

memory = 2x 2gb g.skill raptor ddr3 1600mhz 1.6v @1t

psu = corsair 650tx

gfx = toxic 5850 (factory oc)

storage = 2 x samsung spinpoint f3 in raid 0

monitor = 32" lg5000

First of id like to ask about my temps

the temps between the cores are different as in idle = *1 36c *2 29c *3 36c *4 28c

Load = *1 59c *2 54c *3 58c *4 52c <<@3.6 im going of lower temps cos of bios

i know temps can fluctuate a little between cores i had a q8300 @3.1 and it was a couple of c difference between them, but as you can see its a 8c difference between core 1 and core 4 .When i go into bios and look at temps its always at reading core 2 / 4 temps ,im more likely to go with the smaller readings as a general temp then .
Am i wrong to assume this?? and should i worry about the different readings?? it reads these temps using occt and cpuz

i am using the corsair h50 cooler i just used the thermal stuff that was already attached should i use other stuff?

Also as the h50 pump works on my cpu header what should i have in bios for

cpu smart fan control [enabled]<< current setting

cpu smart fan mode [Auto]<< current setting

i dont wont to get this wrong as i think this would power the pump down and if so what should i set it at ?

thanks for looking :) got some more questions will post these later
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  1. *update *

    just been running core temp and i think i see why core 1 and 3 run hotter it seems they are getting most of the load , is there any way to spread it more evenly to bring temps into line??
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