Samsung Next-Gen SSDs?

Has anyone seen any articles about Samsung's next SSD technology (3rd-Gen)? I know Intel and others are supposedly coming out with new controllers 4Q10, but no word on Samsung's for some reason.
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  1. Well their controllers were hardly well received; few products use them and generally Samsung and JMicron are very low-performance budget controllers.

    I cannot recommend it to anyone, as they still make a pricey SSD. For the same money you better buy an Intel instead.

    Intel will likely 'conroe' the SSD market in 2010 Q4 as they release their next-gen 6Gbps controller + 25nm NAND flash. Intel has a partnership with Micron to product high-end NAND memory for SSDs on mass scale.

    So, i don't think you should be looking at a Samsung-powered SSD either now or in the future. Sandforce is making a decent competitor to Intel, though. But price per GB is higher and random IOps is not superior to Intel. So you may want to opt for Intel after all. There is too little competition in the SSD controller market right now.
  2. thanks very much! i'm more of a casual user than an IOPS-hungry user, though. i read many articles citing that, since PB-22J is used as many OEM vendors' SSDs, they 'should' be reliable.
    perhaps intel is the safest way to go?
  3. Intel is widely used and any bugs cannot be obscured that easily. So yes i would think the Intel SSDs are among the most reliable SSDs on the market.

    Some OCZ products fail prematurely, which should not happen with an SSD. This may be due to quality control and general immaturity of SSD products.
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