XFX GTX 260 550watts enough?

Hey guys, I need to place an order tonight to take advantage of newegg's 15% off with paypal!

I want to buy a GTX 260 core 216, I was pretty set on the EVGA one until just tonight I looked on newegg and they have a XFX black edition OC'ed whole nine yards for the exact same price, however I just ordered a larger PSU to accomodate the EVGA a corsair 550W. Now this card is saying it requires atleast 630W... Am I screwed should I just stick with the EVGA? Also how does XFX compare to EVGA as far as customer service goes?

Again I need to order tonight so prompt help is appreciated! :)
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  1. The Corsair 550w will handle it with no problem. Manufacturers often inflate the power supply numbers they recommend to take into account no name garbage or aged PSUs. You'll be fine.

    Both XFX and EVGA are great companies, i like EVGA more, but would not hesitate to get the XFX card. I don't know of any company that has the good reputation that EVGA does in terms of customer service.
  2. yep. i say get the XFX, unless the EVGA has a better cooler on it, which i HIGHLY doubt cos its a gtx 260 :lol:
  3. Thanks guys, I went ahead and got the XFX and found a way to cancel newegg orders online. So I cancelled the 550W PSU and for just $20 more I got a Corsair 750W. Should help me out if I ever decide to SLI :sol:
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