SATA laptop HDD with desktop power

Hi, this is probably a no duh question, but there's no harm in making sure.

I've got a little Fujitsu laptop hard drive that I need to retrieve my data from. I'm fairly sure I can just plug it in to my desktop using the same SATA cables (data and power) I use for my desktop HDD. Can someone confirm this for me?

I just want to make sure I'm not going to fry the thing due to differences in power from my laptop and my desktop's corsair TX750 psu.

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    should work fine:

    we have two 2.5" Toshiba HDDs installed in an Enhance Tech X14:

    ... and two more of the same cabled directly to the motherboard and
    to the same Corsair 750TX PSU:

    All 4 Toshibas work fine with standard SATA data and power connectors:
    the X14 uses a backplane with a 4-pin Molex connector.

  2. Great, thanks for the input. I went ahead and tried it, worked no problems.
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