SSD + HDD--need help using HDD for storage purposes

Hello all,

I just finished putting together a new computer, but I need some advice on how to configure it.

On this rig I have an SSD (Kingston) for my OS + apps, and another HDD (WD Caviar Black) for storage and games.

I succesfully installed Windows onto my SSD (running great so far), but I can't seem to find my HDD anywhere in Windows so that I can install additional programs/games on it.

Can anyone explain to me how I would set this up? The HDD is recognized in the BIOS and in device manager; but I just don't appear to have any access to it (or rather, I don't know how to get access to it).

Are there some settings I need to change in BIOS? In Windows? Both?

Incase it helps I'm running an i5-750 on a P7P55D Pro mobo.

Sorry for the newb questions, I'm just new to this. Thank you in advance for your help :).
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  1. did you ever format the HDD? If not you need to go to the Disk Manager and see if you find it in there.
  2. You have to make the hdd slave, because the SSD is master and they fight for boot priority. Check the setting in BIOS, set the boot order there and it should work. Don't forget to format the hdd if you haven't already.
  3. I didn't format the HDD. Where do I find the disk manager so that I can format it?

    Victor, when you say make it the slave, does that mean put the SSD or HDD as the first in boot order?

    Please give me some more detailed instructions if you can, I'm still really new to this,

    thanks guys :)
  4. It is in the Control Panel, under Administrative Tools you will find Computer Manager.

    It will open up a new windows and under Storage you will see Disk Manager.
  5. victor - didn't you tell someone that the other day? SATA drives don't have master/slave. Anything new is going to be SATA, making that an irrelevant issue.

    I'm guessing you're doing windows 7. In the old days, win xp for example, you could right click on my computer, select manage, and then find disk management there. For Win 7, emerald posted info already.
  6. Yep, I'm on Windows 7. So the only thing I need to do to setup my HDD for storage is to go to disk manager, and format it? Will it appear automatically under "My computer" so that I can install files on it?

    This says vista, but 7 should be the same. Note that you have to click on and expand the first choice on this page ("To create and format a partition (volume)")
  8. Thanks a lot guys, these suggestions (and the video link) were awesome and I think I've got it up and running. Much appreciated as always :).
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