Cant get my games running with overclocked vga


I was trying to overclock my geforce 6200 256mb nv44a, core clock 350 mem clock 533,(just to squeeze things out coz i dont have plan to upgrade in the near time), I was using rivatuner 2.09 and nvidia driver 178.xx. at the start of rivatuner there was a warning that my driver is not being tested with the current version of rivatuner, but i continue anyway.

I already read many thread about gpu overclock, and it is said that you should slowly rise the core clock and memory clock right?well i did that. i guess at first all was running well...until I started the games. the videos in the games seems hanged, no picture and can get to the main menu. I rose the core and mem clock only 15 mhz, i think it's still very tolerable. the temperature of the gpu only rise about 2 degrees celcius.

any idea where the problem lies and how to overcome it?

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  1. download evga precision. i hate rivatuner with a passion.
  2. i havent worked with EVGA Precision,but V3NOM is it better than rivatuner ?
  3. YEP! feature loaded in a single, clean, simple interfaced window. even has a basic stability tester... not that it does much :P i guess that's what crysis was made for though :lol:

    if evga precision was somehow wiped off the face of the earth, i would never oc my graphics card again...
  4. Using Riva Tuner on an unsupported driver is a bad idea. You could try using an older driver or use a reg hack to enable overclocking in the nvidia control panel. I use to use the cool bits reg hacks on my nVidia cards before my Radeon 1950GT.
  5. evga precision works with all WHQL Nvidia drivers (i havent tried any betas..)
  6. HINT: Dont overclock your memory at first. Raise the core speed as high as you can without errors, and then work on the memory.
    The memory can very touchy, some cards will go long ways, others will hang the minute you raise the speed of the memory by the smallest amount.
    And yes, get rid of Riva Tuner. It used to work pretty well with the older drivers, but it really seems to suck using the newer drivers.
  7. thanks guys, I'll try it.keep looking in this thread in case I need to ask more question. Once again, thanks a lot

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