expresscard to pci express

Hey guys, couple options needed

First of all i was thinking i would go mobile as i do not really game much unless there is a cool game out i need to play on high like prostreet or gta4. I just would dream for a gaming laptop instead. So, i was thinking maybe i could get a ebay noob to trade me one for my desktop, which is a very high end rig. I will probably get an alienware m15x. So The specs of the desktop and the laptop are as follows, tell me if its a good trade.

My Gaming rig

2 8800gt's
2gb of supertalent ddr2 ram
gigabyte odin 550w
antec 900
mx 3000 wireless keyboard and mouse
1 LG 19 inch lcd and 1 rosewill 19 inch
vista ultimate and xp pro
500gb sata drive
dvd sata drive
turtle beach sound card
usb card

Alienware m15x
15.4 inch lcd
250gb harddrive

Also how much do you think my computer is worth to an ebay noob? I was thinking 1.6k

Performance lost from 2 8800gt's to 2 8700m's?

i heard something about a express card to like an sli box type of thing.. i swear i read something about something like it, anyone know of a link?

Thanks guys, if anyone wants to trade me their gaming laptop feel free to let me know
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  1. Honestly, for the Alienware, go for the 8800M rather than the 8700M. It's a BIG upgrade. As for an expresscard to PCI-E, I wouldn't expect much, even if you find one. The bandwidth just isn't there for high end graphics.
  2. Yea i was thinking the bandwidth wouldnt be. Alright, i will look for the 8800m gtx instead, Do you know if i can directly add 2 gtx's to my laptop in the future? I am sure they do not change the motherboard and chassis...
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