my first gaming pc, will it work?

Hi, I am hoping to build a gaming pc, I picked some nice parts for it but as it's my first pc build, I am not 100% sure it will all fit and work together, so here is the stuff:
- hd 4850 135€
- e7300 115€
- cooler master real pro power 520 70€
- KINGSTON DDR2 PC2-6400 - 2 Go 800 MHz - CAS 5 - HyperX - KHX6400D2/2G X2 60€
- Gigabyte G31M-S2L 50 €
- LG GH22NS30 - double layer - SATA 20€
- seagate 500go 32 mo 55€
- xp oem sp3 85€
- lanbox lite 70€
I might built it on my own, and oc the cpu and add a gpu and a cpu cooler after a bit.
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  1. Yes but go with Vista 64 over XP. Also, if you can fit it into your budget, I would recommend going with GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P as it will give you better upgrade options in the future.
  2. Ok thanks. What is the difference between 32 and 64 bits ?
  3. your mobo is a atx, i need an matx, any suggestions?
  4. DFI LP JR P45-T2RS costs a little more but is one of the few P45 boards in mATX form.

    Also 64bit Vista allows for full support of your 4gb of ram and will provide a solid platform for future 64bit software.
  5. unfortunately, i can't get the dfi mobo in france.
    One of my concern with vista 64 is the game compability (with cracked ones).
    If I get vista 64 oem, will i be able to upgrade my mobo without buying a new vista.
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