Any news on "mainstream" i7 boards?

The cheapest I have seen is the MSI X58 board for $200. I heard somebody mention a series of cheaper boards in the works a while back, any news on this? $200 is still quite a bit for a board in my mind.

Different boards can have up to about 5% difference in performance right? I would sacrifice this 5% for a cheaper board and put the money I saved into a better graphics card or cpu.

Anyone heard anything?
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  1. Not happening, i7 is Intel's high end platform and it's going to stay that way.

    i5 (LGA1156) will be mainstream and the corresponding motherboards will be more reasonable price wise.
  2. Hmm, didn't P35 and X38 coexist? Why wouldn't that happen again? I just don't understand. P45 and X48 was the same way?

    I guess you are probably right. I was just hoping for a P55 or something. Maybe the $200 i7 boards are the "mainstream" ones they were talking about.
  3. Hmm, I guess P55 does exist. I just searched it on a whim and its real. I don't know if it will support i7 though.
  4. It won't. Core i7 is only for socket 1336. P55 only supports 1156 processors.
  5. Damn, I guess I'll have to wait for X58 to come down in price then.
  6. I don't expect the X58 to drop in price, once again I7 and the boards for I7 are considered to be enthusiast and there for bring a high price tag. You'll probably be waiting until long after I5 is around for a cheap X58.
  7. The way i see it X58 is along the same lines as Skulltrail... motherboard designed for specific cpus only. AMD did this with the 4x4 that never really took off. Although this time the x58 is affordable by more people than the super rich :)
  8. Its pretty good compared to a lot of boards but I could sell my mobo/cpu/ram setup for $250 at the most. Sounds like the same combo for i7 would be $450ish so its not a reasonable upgrade. There is no way it will give me that much benefit over an oc'ed C2Q. Aaah, someday
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