Need Help Buying New Motherboard

Hello Friends am looking forward to buy a new Motherboard I've shortlisted 2 of them From Asus P5N-MX and P5N73-AM
Please Guide me that which one of the 2 is a better board.... I've to setup the PC's in My Cyber Cafe....
I've heard that P5N-MX has a Dedicated 128 MB Video Memory which P5N73-AM hasn't... Is it true ??
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  1. Well can you give the rest of the system's config???
  2. Of the boards, P5N73-AM is better...
    No info is given about the 'Dedicated 128 MB Video Memory '
    Check this...
  3. Rest of the System Would be Intel Dual Core E5200 2.5Ghz, 2GB DDR2 Transcend, Intex Internal TV Tuner, BenQ G900HD 18.5".....
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