It's official: XFX HAS JUMPED SHIP!

XFX Radeons anyone? and i bet XFX won't be the last. :bounce:
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  1. I don't see where it says that XFX is going to stop selling the Nvidia brand

    However, given the problems that have come up with the g80 cards; i'm not surprised they would broaden their portfolio of products.

    EVGA is still a much better company than XFX; XFX is like the Nike brand of graphics cards - all labelling and point advertising.

    But if anything, this is a sign that EVGA may start to carry the Radeon brand too - which would be great because EVGA is an awesome company and the Radeon 4000s are great cards.
  2. Reduce which ones? The 9800s? The 9800+s? The G150s? The 8800GTS 512? Oh wait, theyre all the same card, so maybe so
  3. A smart business decision would probably be to reduce the amount of GT200 boards since those are the ones that are costing them the most (and harder to move as well).

    The 8800/9800/GT100 watchamacallit production will probably remain intact, since those are the ones they make the most money from. (However if it was up to me, depending on numbers, I might even scale production on those as well to ship more Radeons if it means higher profit)
  4. nothing different than MSI, Asus, or Palit already do.
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