Amd xp problem

this is my system.
i marked my problem with red color.

i upload a picture down of this massage.
this is normal picture of amd 4400+

u see my system is 1 core 1 tread
but amd's normal is 2 core 2 tread

my question is how can fix this.
how can i open my second core?
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  1. Perhaps you didn't reinstall Windows when you set up this computer? My guess is that Windows is loaded with its uniprocessor CPU setup instead of its multiprocessor CPU setup. If so, try a repair install.
  2. that would be guse too but if not do this. click run, Type MSconfig, click boot option tab, & click advanced options uncheck number of processors. Then reboot and see if this fixes your problem. And it is not a XP it is an X2. You might want to change your topic title. :)
  3. AMD ... XP ... as in Windows.

    Seriously, just run the Windows AMD X2 patch for Windows XP from the AMD site for crying out loud and move along.

    N00bs ... jeez
  4. Sorry Mondoman.

    /hits self.
  5. thx for answer
    in msconfig numproc section i can choose only one number and that is 1 ( i havent2) it is already unchecked.

    second answer amd patch for xp hot fix i already instal but my problem still going
    i have xp sp3 full updated and also updated manual updates too.

    but my problem still continue.

    i have newer change my cpu or harddisk to another computer.
    and i also now wat is computer. i didnt noob. i am using and fixing computer or programs problem. that is i havent solved first or second problem.

    waiting ur answes.
  6. well did you try to reinstal Windows?
  7. Cripes ... when you do a ctrl alt del and bring up the task manager can you click the performance tab and see two boxes under CPU Usage history?

    If so ... your two cores are working fine.
  8. Not sure about the X2's, if they do this or not, but it solved my disappearing core problem.
    If you have Cool and Quiet enabled, it may shut down the cores not being used, and also lower the core speed of your CPU if it is not needed.
    I noticed this with my PII 920, after a while if I was doing something simple and brought up the task manager, I noticed only 2 cores at times, and only 1 core at other times. Turn off Cool and Quiet and see what happens.
    If that does not work, try simply deleting the processor from device manager, and let Windows reinstall it when it reboots.

    Cool and Quiet also seems to never let your CPU run at full speed. With it enabled, my 3D mark 06 score was about 8500.
    Turn it off, and I get over 15,000. Big, big, big difference.
  9. You don't need to reinstall windows for this problem. You should be able to just update the CPU driver in the device manager.
  10. thx for answer blackpanther26 . i reinstall last night. i instal xpsp2 and hotfix+dual core optimizer and .... updates.
    and still my problem continue.

    thx for answer reynod .... if i can select ur said. i am sure i select it. but that manu is inactive in my task manager. and u can see the photo which i put in first massage.

    thx for answer jitpublisher ...i deleted my cpu in device manager. and restart windows. still my problem continue.
    ...i open and close cool and quite in bios >>> result problem continue.

    thx for answer 4745454b i reinstal cpu driver but problem still continue.

    thx for answer. now i change my motherbord gigabyte ga-ma 770ds3 rev 1 to MSI K9N V3 mainboard.
    i put results to night. and re instal my system
  11. Good luck mate !!
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