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I have a couple questions. I just built my computer yesterday and ran the Performance Rating Tool in Win 7 and I received

CPU - 7.5
RAM - 7.5
Graphics - 7.4
Gaming Graphics 7.4
Primary Hard Disk 5.9

First question - Why is my Primary Hard Disk so low compared to the other parts with the new WD Velociraptor which is the fastest Raptor drive you can get?

Second question - Could someone tell me what is a good benchmark program to test my CPU, RAM, HD ect.?

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  1. 5.9 is pretty much the highest you'll get with a standard platter based hard drive.
    SSDs might go higher. Haven't got one to test. Don't worry about it.

    As for benchmark software, I don't use any.
  2. This page has a good many of the more popular benchmarks , plus some demos to show off your new computer.
  3. Thanks guys
  4. No problem
  5. MY OCZ vertex can score 7.3
  6. Is there some sort of site to compare those scores?
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