PLease help i am sooo disgusted with my computer i built.

No one seems to be able to help me. I am at the point i am feeling i wasted 3000 dollars to build something that doesnt work and no one can tell me how to fix nor have i found anyone i can pay that can fix this issue!!

I built a computer a few months ago :
Coolermaster cosmos s
asus p5e3 wi fi motherboard
core 2 extreme qx9650
COOLMAX CUG-950B 950W SLI/CrossFire
Diamond Radeon HD 4870 XOC Black Ed. 512MB PCIe
asus lightscribe 20 x drw
OCZ OCZ3G16004GK 4GB PC3-12800+ (DDR3-1600+) DDR3 Memory
Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3 OEM Version
Toshiba HD 1TB
zalman cpu fan 9700
XFI Fatality

The issue is everytime i play a game or use an audio program my computer freezes up.
It starts making loud noises from the speaker and you cant move anything on the screen.
This has been happenening since i built it. I should have just taken it apart and took it back then. Well now i am stuck with a $3000 that doesnt work.

I have taken it to 2 shops so far.... they havent been able to figure out anything besides telling me a driver for my soundcard the x-fi fatality which i took out yesterday to see if that was what was causing the crash. I am using the onboard sound device on the motherboard and i am getting the same thing regardlesss. So i am clueles as to what the problem is. Can anyone help me
Call me email me come by i dont care i am desperate!
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  1. had you tried reinstalling the operating system?
    it could be bad or missing files in the system.
  2. zodiacfml said:
    had you tried reinstalling the operating system?
    it could be bad or missing files in the system.

    And did you down load and update all your critical service packs for XP? And did you check to see if there are any new driver updates for your MB.
  3. Have you tried running the computer WITHOUT the sound card?? You know onboard sound is quite well and maybe you have a conflict with your sound card, I don't know, but it's worth trying if you haven't already done so.
  4. Instead of reinstalling the OS, have you tried to remove the XFI Fatality drivers and utilities?
  5. Have you tried throwing it from a tal bridge to see if you can hear the sound it makes when it hits the bottom?
  6. Why not use it as a paperweight? Whats wrong with paperweights? Do you have something against them? Do you not like using paperweights in doors where there is no wind? :na:
  7. XFI is a creative device. I would bet big dollars to few donuts that that is your issue. Creative... um... well I think I would get booted from the forums if I really expressed what I think of them. Anyways, try uninstalling that junk. You might not be able to dislodge it from your OS without a re-installation. Try this again without the XFI... bet you have much more success.
  8. Creative drivers are horrible let me guess you updated it with creative update and it stopped working you have to do clean boots and uninstall and download the driver to install etc all from clean boots. Have to uninstall before hand not let creative do it cuz they suck apparently
  9. lol hairycat and thegrom.

    Does it BSOD? If so, you should be able to check the error code.

    Go to run, type compmgmt.msc

    Check the event viewer for any substantial errors as well.

    If not, I would suggest uninstalling the sound card and drivers, as suggested, reinstall the OS, if necessary, and start back over from the top.
  10. What troubleshooting steps have you taken? Have you monitored temps of both your CPU and video card at both idle and load and stress over several hours? Also, have you verified that the RAM you are using is on the certified compatibility list for your motherboard?

    I would suggest stripping down to a minimal hardware configuration (1 stick of ram, and take out the sound card), then format the hard drive and reinstall your operating system from scratch. Fully update windows and download/install the latest drivers from ati for your video card. Test for stability at this point (being sure to monitor temperatures). If everything works, install one of the games you were having problems with, update it with it's latest patches and see if it works. If all is good, add in the rest of your ram. Test for stability again. If everything works, add in your sound card using the latest drivers from creative's website. Test for stability again.
  11. Good ideas above. Also make sure you got the latest bios installed. Your current bios might not be liking your cpu.
  12. Good catch roadrunner, I totally forgot to mention BIOS update for the motherboard.
  13. I bet you didn't disable your onboard sound BEFORE you installed your Xi-Fi card. Make sure to follow all these suggestions.
  14. megamanx00 said:
    I bet you didn't disable your onboard sound BEFORE you installed your Xi-Fi card. Make sure to follow all these suggestions.

    Especially the suggestion about throwing the computer off of a bridge. Just be sure no one is below the bridge that you choose.
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