Accessing 2nd Hard Drive over Wireless Network

What do I Need to enable or do to be able to access my 2nd Hard Drive over the wireless network from my laptop.

I have enable file sharing on the drive and full access via the sharing and security.

i7 920
12gb Ram
2 x 1TB HDD
Windows Vista 64 bit

I know I just need to set it up as a RAID but that is a pain in the butt considering both HDD are full and I don't feel like jumbling the stuff around to reformat.
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  1. Raid would do nothing for what you are asking. You actually have to set the ip addresses from each of the computers (through cmd prompt) to accept and send information via hdd's if you are on 2 different os's. However if they are both windows 7 (which they aren't) you are going to have to look up how to connect 2 hdd's via your router and ip's. Anyway all I know is that setting up raid would be MUCH easier than the ip/router thingy (even though they are completely unrelated). BUT, a few months ago i found a site that explained how to connect 2 hdd's via TEH INTORNETZ. So try and look that up. Also you need to post the laptop specs (os and such). good luck!
  2. When you've enabled sharing on the folder or drive, you could access it by typing this on Run on the client computer:

    - Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7:
    \\<host ip/name>\<folder/drive name>

    So if your host computer's name is PC1 (or the ip for example is, and the folder name is 'I', you could do this:




    For other *nix OS, there's always samba.

    pbalstar is just making it harder than it is.
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